Join us for the first ever REVIVE MY HOME conference

November 10th, 11th, & 12th.

Can you imagine having a home where the tangible presence of God is felt by someone as soon as they enter your door?


Can you imagine a marriage that is intimate, transparent, and unified?


Can you imagine having sons or daughters that hear the voice of God like Samuel or Daniel, who live truly knowing God and leading their generation to pursue Him?

Imagine a home that is a place of refuge, peace, joy, and divine encounters that serves as a launching pad to shift a generation. Would you even take a chance and start to contend to see God as big enough to radically change you, your house, your kids and the city, nation, and generation you are in? God wants to pour out His Spirit and it begins with us, our home, and our family.

God wants to pour out His Spirit and it starts with us!



November 10-12th

Friday, November 10th

7:00 pm: Worship

8:00 pm: Session 1

Saturday, November 11th

10:00 am: Worship

11:00 am: Session 2

Lunch Break

2:00 pm: Session 3

3:00 pm: Q and A

Dinner Break

7:00 pm Worship

8:00 pm Session 4

Sunday, November 12th

10:00 am: Worship

11:00 am: Session 5

*Prophetic room ministry will be available on a first come serve, sign-ups available at registration link.

Prophetic Rooms will be held Saturday, 12:15-2pm and 4:15-6pm


Are our kids getting direction from our culture or are they getting it from their parents and the Word of God?  Sexuality, dating, marriage, identity, God...REVIVAL BEGINS IN THE HOME! 


Speakers: Antonio & Christelle Baldovinos

Antonio and Christelle have been married for 26 years and have 6 children and 2 grand babies. They have spent 20 years evangelizing and equipping others to live a life on fire for God. They are passionate about activating a generation of Christians to know their God and walk in power.