When you are looking to get connected, the Growth Track is the place to start!  This track is offered to everyone, whether you are new or have been attending for years.  

Cornerstone's Growth Track is a three-week journey that...

      ...introduces you to our story and vision

      ...strengthens your faith (Believing in Jesus)

      ...connects you to family (Belonging to Family)

      ...helps you discover your God-given identity, gifts and strengths (Becoming His Disciple)

      ...ignites you to step into your God-given place and destiny!  (Building His Kingdom)

The Growth Track will help direct your unique interests and gifts

to serving people, finding a group to belong, or simply learn

about the culture and mission of Cornerstone Church.  

The Growth Track is offered several times throughout the year.

First Sunday | Church 101  

Second Sunday | Essentials 201

Third Sunday | Discovery 301 & Dream Team 401

You can join in and attend at any point in the rotation. Just attend each of the three weeks to complete!


Please contact us for upcoming dates!