CORNERSTONE 2023 Mission Trips

If you would like more information on a specific trip contact

Mitch O'Dwyer at  

All participants must fill out the missions application.


  • India  -  February 3rd - 10th

    We are teaming up with Amod & Rebekah with the Daisy Project in Kolkata, India, to help minister to the children and their family in that area.

    Trip Leaders: Mitch O'Dwyer

    Estimated Cost:  $1500 / person  

  • AFRICA - March 5th - 18th

    We are teaming up with All God's Children in serving/loving on the community of Zambia, Africa by helping the feed program, maintenance projects and more.

    Trip Leaders: Clint & Katie Tholen

    Estimated Cost:  $2700-$3000 / person

  • ISRAEL - October 22nd - November 1st

    We will be joining Peace by Piece Tours in seeing the historical Biblical sights and spending some time helping at the Refugee camp.

    Trip Leaders: Don Hesson & Mitch O'Dwyer

    Estimated Cost:  $3000 / person