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"He has given me the courage to become the leader in our marriage and with my wife. He has allowed some forgiveness to happen on things that have been hindering us for 10 years. God is opened our eyes to many great things to come and has allowed us to see how these spiritual tools really do work. The whole thing has brought my wife and I back together and much closer with one another. I think we can now move forward fighting together instead of against each other. "

"Being able to say I forgive you and letting him know the feelings I have felt throughout our 10 years of marriage was so freeing! My soul feels refreshed and lighter! The people placed in our group were exactly who we needed for encouragement and guidance through this vulnerable emotional time. I thank you Lord for placing these amazing couples in our path! "

"When I got married to my husband, I had a nagging feeling that I had made a mistake. When serious moral problems surfaced in his life and our marriage, Satan told me that I indeed had made a mistake. At this ministry weekend God freed me from this life and healed my broken heart. He assured me that He was sovereignly in control of even the regrets. As our 35th anniversary is coming up, I have confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ that I am married to the one God made for me. My husband and I are completely reconciled for the first time. "

"We came to the LAM workshop with a very heavy heart because we were at the point of getting a divorce and this was the last chance, the last try to see if we can save our marriage. Flying over 35 hours from Singapore and making the trip seems hopeless that this is not going to work. I have cheated on my wife for 15 months… My wife took my son and came to the states in May for a three-month separation to see if this would help. It has been a crazy 15 months and all hope seemed lost. I thought God will never fix my marriage for all that I have done. Nevertheless some friends of ours from Singapore strongly encouraged us to go to LAM. We finally decided that this will be the last try. God was so good! The 3.5 day LAM workshop was awesome! During the spirit connection, God brought such healing forgiveness and restoration, breaking the generational curses and vows and bondages. My wife decided to forgive me and give our marriage a chance. This was God's miracle for us! She had already decided to go for divorce after LAM, but we want to thank God for all his blessings and faithfulness. Just when we thought we are at the end of the road it was just the beginning. Glory be to God! "

"God began a healing in my heart regarding my past and my heart. After hearing many of the testimonies of healed marriages, my faith was increased to receive. My wife and I were on our last leg and this truly was a shot in the dark, I should say light. God met me where I was holding on to my offenses and broken dreams. I could only see my wife through the lens of our discord and disappointments. As we did the LAM dance, I saw the innocent smile of a happy girl come over her face. It was a smile that I don't think I've ever seen. I suddenly felt like I was looking at her through the eyes of Jesus. I always felt that my lack of attraction sexually was linked to our lack of emotional connection. In that brief moment I felt connected. Through the connection of our small group, God softened my heart and gave me a deeper compassion for Him, my wife, and His people. My wife and I struggled at times during the conference but I watched as God began to turn both of our hearts toward each other and we are going to have a new beginning. Thank you God, thank you LAM! "