Children's water baptism

If you are interested in having your child water baptized, we would encourage you to sit down with them and discuss it so you know they are prepared for it.  One of the best ways to know that your child is ready is when THEY initiate the desire to be baptized.

The following are some questions and things you can go over with your kids to help you better understand if they are ready to be water baptized.

1. Can you tell me who Jesus is? What has Jesus done for us?

2. Why do we need Him? Look for them to mention sin, His death, and a relationship with God.

3. Ask your child what it means to have accepted Jesus into his or her heart.

      A simple way to explain this to them is through the ABC’s of salvation:

  • Admit you need Jesus. 
  • Believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. 
  • Choose to follow him. 

4. Tell your child that after accepting Christ, the next step is to be baptized so that others will know about their decision.

5. Ask your child, "Do you know why we get baptized?" Baptism is how we show others that we have chosen to follow Jesus. It is a time that we celebrate Jesus in our lives.

If you feel your child is ready to be baptized, 

register them for baptism HERE.