November 28 - December 24

Advent is about so much more than a calendar with chocolates in it—it’s about the coming of Jesus to our broken world. In fact, that’s what the word Advent means: coming or arrival.

How can we experience the real meaning of Christmas in a way that deeply impacts our families?  Let's see the beauty of what it means for Jesus to have come into the world and take flesh and blood on Himself. It's a staggering thought. And yet there's so much busy, so much to do around the holidays that we typically miss this.

Take time to slow down with your family and invite your friends to enjoy this season together.  

Advent is a season of hope.

It’s in this season where Christians remember what it was like before Jesus came and how desperate we all are for a Savior.

The four weeks of Advent are an opportunity for you and your family to slow down and remember the arrival of Jesus in your family.

  • What was it like before you, or your parents, or their parents met the real Jesus?
  • What was it like when hope arrived in your home?

Advent reminds us that not only did Jesus step into human history but that he stepped into our history. When we were living in darkness, separated and cut off from God by our own sinful choices, Jesus came—that's Advent.  

Participate in the Advent season with us!

We invite you into this journey. We have a guide that walks you through daily practices as well as four weekly gatherings for you to do with your Small Group, your friends, or your family.

We're going to start on Sunday, November 28 and continue through to Christmas Eve. On Friday, December 24, we’ll come together for a Christmas Eve service where we’ll light the final Advent candle together.  

Download an Advent Guide with daily personal challenges and weekly gathering ideas to refocus your heart on hope, peace, joy, and love.