Aug 28th - Host Lunch

Sept 4th & 11th - Invite Sundays

Sept 18th - Series Launch


WEEK 1  | Sept 18th - 24th

WEEK 2 | Sept 25th - Oct 1st

WEEK 3 | Oct 2nd - 8th

WEEK 4 | Oct 9th - 15th

WEEK 5 | Oct 16th - 22nd




WEEK 1: Starting Out

1. Think about the statement, "It's only crazy until it happens. "What are some examples from your life that support that statement? When has God called you to do something crazy?

2. Read Ephesians 3:14-21. What would you like God to accomplish in your life that is "immeasurably more" than you

feel comfortable asking or imagining?

3. Read Genesis 12:1-9. What are some ways that Abram demonstrates the different kinds of faith? Baby Faith, Maybe Faith & Crazy Faith.

4. How would you summarize the concepts of baby faith and maybe faith?

  • What are some baby steps of faith that you have taken in the past few months?
  • When are times you have stepped out in faith even though you were not 100% sure of the outcome?        

WEEK 2: Getting Stronger

1. How can having perseverance and patience be two key factors for getting stronger in your faith?

2. How would you describe what it means to exercise waiting faith?

3. How would you describe what it means to exercise wavy faith?

4. What are some of the obstacles that prevent individuals from developing waiting faith in their lives?

What about wavy faith?

5. Read Matthew 14:22-36. What are some of the ways that your spiritual life and spiritual growth have been negatively

impacted by fear?

WEEK 3: Obstacles to Avoid

1. What are the dangers of procrastination when it comes to your faith?

2. How would you describe lazy faith? How is it different from active faith?

3. Read Mark 2:1-12. What can you learn about fade by comparing the actions of the four friends of the paralyzed man against the words of the teacher of the law?

4. How would you describe Fugazi faith? 

  • How is it different from authentic faith?
  • What are the steps you can take to remove lazy faith and Fugazi faith from your life

5. Read John 11:17-44. What are some ways that the story demonstrates that Martha and Mary had not only waiting faith but also authentic faith?

WEEK 4: Moving to the Next Level

1. How would you describe what it means to exercise trading faith?

2.  Read Luke 5:17-26. What is something "remarkable" that you would like to see take place in your life or in the lives of

those you care about?

3. How would you describe what it means to exercise stating faith?

4. Read Mark 10:46-52. What are ways you can state what you want God to do for you?

WEEK 5: Finishing Strong

1. What are some elements of life that are testing or trying your faith right now?

2. How would you summarize what it means to experience times of fading faith?

3. Read John 20:19-29. What are the main reasons or sources of evidence that help you "believe" in Jesus' death and resurrection? How would you describe what it means to have saving faith in Christ?

4. Read Matthew 1:18-25. What are some ways that Joseph demonstrated his faith?

5. What is the next step you want to take on your journey toward Crazy Faith?




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