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EQUIP is about being transformed into the image of Jesus (Rom 12:2) with the opportunity to continue to gain knowledge and skills in hearing God’s voice, applying God’s Word and making disciples. Every class is an invitation to encounter Jesus and be equipped to walk boldly your faith.

Current Equip Classes

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A Users Guide to Change:  (Nov. 6 - Dec. 11) This six-week video class, taught by Bob Hamp is an excellent source for stepping into more freedom. Often, it is our attempts to change that can be the barrier that prevents real and lasting change. Topics include: The Material World vs. Spiritual World; Heart Change vs. Behavior Management; Doing our Part - Letting God be God; Words Matter - Defining our Target.

Kids KYLO (Keep Your Love On):  This class is for our elementary students whose parents are attending an Equip class.  KYLO FOR KIDS is video course for kids to learn healthy connection, communication, and boundaries.  Unfortunately, most people are trained from a young age that someone else is responsible for their decisions, and all they have to do is comply and obey. This sets them up to struggle in multiple aspects of life, particularly with building healthy relationships. KYLO Kids teaches children the power of taking responsibility for their own choices and how to protect their important heart-to-heart connections.

Upcoming Equip Classes

Removing Obstacles to Freedom (January 15-Feb. 26)  While removing obstacles from your life does not automatically produce freedom, we must still clear the way to become our truest self.  From anxiety to addiction and several stops in between, this series looks at the mechanisms of some specific obstacles we face and how to begin dismantling them.