• Love After Marriage

    During the Love After Marriage (LAM) Workshop, couples have an opportunity through the working of Holy Spirit, to learn and practice how to bring spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness into their relationship. 



    Your participation in this Workshop will provide:

    • · Tools to take your marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication and enjoyment
    • · Opportunities to practice these tools in an intimate, small group setting
    • · Breakthrough for struggling marriages, helping you overcome the strongholds in your relationship
    • · Tools on how to work through conflict and reconciliation
    • · Keys to take even healthy marriages to a higher level
    • · Activities, training and materials available to bring this life-changing ministry into your church


    Join us for our next workshop here at Cornerstone Church with Barry and Lori Byrne, July 12 - 15! 

    Details here.  Register here.